Stearnswood has been a valuable supplier to Graco providing excellent services and packaging products. They work closely with our individual lines to give us what we need when we need it.

Since switching over to Stearnswood, their deliveries are on time, better fit with better material than before. Great company to work with.

In 1998, Metal-Matic made a decision to single-source its packaging materials and Stearnswood was an obvious choice. Since the inception of the program, they have provided a quality product, dependable service, and local warehousing all at a reasonable price. What has set Stearnswood apart has been their ability to react quickly to our customers’ constantly […]

Stearnswood is the preeminent provider of custom wood and corrugated packaging solutions, in any quantity required, at cost-efficacious prices. Also impressive is Stearnswood’s exemplary customer service.