productsOur packaging solutions are custom build, specializing in the design and fabrication of high performance Wood containers and heavy-duty Corrugated cartons.   Stearnswood’s Combination product incorporates our expertise with wood and corrugated to help you achieve the best packaging solution for your unique needs.

Examples of our packaging solutions include:

  • Custom designed wood boxes, bases, crates, and skids
  • Corrugated triple wall bulk containers
  • Foam in place boxes, tailored cushioning/padding protection
  • Re-usable closed loop boxes
  • Shipping containers for assembled equipment


With more than 120 years in the packaging industry, we have the expertise needed to design the most practical solution for the job while providing the greatest protection for your product.

Environmentally conscience

We believe in producing cost effective, reusable packaging while doing our part to protect the environment for generations to come.  Environmentally friendly package design and in house recycling programs are part of our day to day operations. Learn more