Corrugated Triplewall Containers

Corrugated and foam packaging

corrug3_thumbThis carton design has easy assembly, superior stacking strength, and strategic cushioning of its contents.

Triplewall corrugated

corrug2_thumbContainers made with triplewall corrugated and foam padding reduce the weight while maintaining package strength.

Large & strong container

corrug3_thumbThe client needed to package a fabricated metal part which measures 15′ long by 6′ wide and 2′ high.

Stearnswood offers custom corrugated fiberboard boxes and containers, of which the benefits of corrugated are numerous.  We are experts in working with the higher grade corrugated materials – up to Edge Crush Test (ETC) 120 and strength requirements equivalent to 1500 lbs per square inch.  We can provide specialized coatings to support your unique storage requirements.

Save Space with Corrugated: Corrugated fiberboard containers can ship and store flat, saving valuable truck and warehouse space

Recycle Corrugated Containers: Corrugated containers are completely recyclable, making the containers environmentally friendly and easy to dispose of when ready.

Corrugated is Light Weight: Corrugated fiberboard boxes are naturally light-weight, and can be customized to package your product according to your specifications

At Stearnswood we pride ourselves on providing you with corrugated fiberboard solutions that are right for you. Whether your requirements are based on industry or government specs or if a customized solution is what you need, our team will help in determining the most appropriate design and materials for your product. Our objective is to see that your product is packaged to arrive safely.

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Specifications: Corrugated Fiberboard Containers

  • ASTM D5168
    Standard Practice for Fabrication and Closure of Triplewall Corrugated Fiberboard Containers