Wood Boxes, Bases, Crates, Skids

Reusable package to protect sensitive devices

wood1_thumbThe client needed a reusable inter-plant transport package to protect a sensitive measuring device.

Reusable multi-compartment transport box

wood2_thumbThe client needed a reusable transport box to house thirteen different parts.

Reusable military package

wood3_thumbThis packaging was designed for military use and reusability.

Stearnswood will help you create custom wood boxes and shipping crates faster, easier, and better than you ever imagined.

Wood Quality: You are sure to find our wood shipping solutions will meet all your needs with the project flexibility and product durability you expect.  Our product starts with premium wood grade.

Save with Wood: Reduce costs with re-usable wood boxes and crates manufactured to endure packing and shipping processes, over and over. Our ‘closed-loop’ custom containers provide the kitted packaging solution that goes straight to the manufacturer’s production line or point of use.  These re-useable kitted containers can include hinged doors for ease in access, fitted with right-sized compartments and slots, and cushioned or padded wall protection.

Depend on Wood: You can depend on all Stearnswood wood boxes and crates to use only heat treated wood that adheres to European Union standards for the wood shipping industry.  We proudly stamp our unique identifier on every wood shipping container.

Requirements for Heat Treated Wood Packaging Materials: Solid wood boxes/crates used to package/ship must adhere to standards outlined on APHIS.usda.gov website.

Requirements for International Phytosanitary Measure (ISPM15) for regulations to help prevent the worldwide spread of plant pests and diseases by using specially treated wooden packaging material.

At Stearnswood we pride ourselves on providing you with custom wood boxes and crates that are right for you. Whether your requirements are based on industry or government specification or if a customized solution is what you need, our team will help in determining the most appropriate design and materials for your wood shipping solution. Our objective is to see that your product is packaged to arrive safely.

Have a question about Wood Boxes or Crates? Need more information about our heat treated wood? Contact John today at Stearnswood!

Specifications: Wood Boxes and Crates

  • ASTM D6251
    Standard Specification for Wood Cleated Panelboard Shipping Boxes
  • ASTM D6039
    Standard Specification for Crates, Wood, Open & Covered
  • MIL-B-2427
    Military Specification for Boxes, Ammunition Packing: Wood, Nailed\
  • PPP-B-601
    Federal Specification for Boxes, Wood, Cleated Plywood
  • PPP-B-621
    Federal Specification for Boxes, Wood, Nailed & Lock-Corner