Fitness for use

Stearnswood designers love the challenge of putting the puzzle together to optimize packaging space while satisfying the needs of the end-users. Our team will help in determining the most appropriate design and materials for your product.  Our objective is to see that your product is packaged to arrive safely.

Our approach to design

We can design from the drawings you send, the actual parts, and/or from conducting on-site study to learn how the packaging will be used in the various stages of its intended application.  This includes assessing the space factors, environmental conditions, kitting and progressive build, storage, transportation, and governing regulations.    We know packaging and because of our depth of experience we are able to help our customers uncover packaging requirements they hadn’t considered.


Our design concepts are prototyped to test out how our proposed package design will work.  This exercise flushes out unforeseen problems and identifies where adjustments in the design are needed.

When the revised prototype is proven and the customers gives their acceptance, we are prepared to replicate the build, backed by the CAD drawings, documentation, and any supporting fixtures.