servicesWhen you need to know it will get there safely.

Custom Package Design to fit your needs

  • Computer aided design
  • Expert Advice
  • Proper packaging allows you to guarantee safe arrival to your customer
  • Costs associated with damage can be drastically reduced with the right packaging
  • Fast turnaround on prototype design samples

Experience and Quality

  • More than 115 years of experience in the packaging industry
  • The expertise needed to judge the most economical materials for the job while providing the greatest protection for your product
  • Wood is cut to higher standards, eliminating large knots that could break during shipping
  • Your product is protected from scratches, dents, the elements, and crushing

Short or Long Production Runs

JIT Delivery

  • We make sure you get your product when you want it

Military Specifications

  • Able to comply with the military specifications testing and certifications
  • We provide the required documentation with all our product deliveries

Warehouse  and Distribution

  • UN Certified packaging materials

NeLMA Licensed Facility