At Stearnswood, we believe in producing cost effective, reusable packaging while doing our part to protect the environment for generations to come.  Environmentally friendly package design and in house recycling programs are part of our day to day operations.

Benefits of Reusable Packaging:

  • Most reusable packaging can make 8 trips across the country, saving you the cost of purchasing new each time
  • Since packaging is reused, less waste enters our landfills
  • Packaging that is older can be refurbished so it can make several more trips before it needs to be refurbished again
  • Wood is a renewal resource, all of our wood comes from renewable forest resources
  • Most elements of our reusable packaging are recyclable, which saves space in landfills and helps to protect the environment
  • The corrugated  material is made of an 80/20 split of consumer recycled and  virgin fiber for durability

We practice recycling at our own factory too:


  • We recycle 100% our of sawdust and wood scraps from production
  • We also bale and recycle corrugated cardboard waste
  • We recycle our all steel banding