Our Story (old)

A tradition of excellence…

From it’s early beginnings, Stearnswood has been committed to providing the best product and services to its customers.

In 1892, E.J Stearns purchased the business and property of the Stillwater Lumber Company in Hutchinson, Minnesota. At the time, the yard consisted of a simple 14×16 foot shed and a few scrawny piles of lumber. Over the course of the next 40 years, E.J built the small Hutchinson site into a major yard and began operations in thirteen surrounding villages.

Following in his father’s footsteps, E.J.’s son Spencer worked tirelessly to develop the family owned building business. Under Spencer’s leadership manufacturing operations including kitchen cabinets, boats, windows, and panelized vacation homes were added to the product line.

In 1957, Spencer’s son, Bob, became president of Stearns Lumber Company. By this time the Hutchinson yard covered nearly a complete city block in downtown Hutchinson and was large enough to serve a wide trading area. As a result, all the smaller branch yards were sold off and efforts were concentrated in Hutchinson.

The Stearns Lumber Co. changed its name to Stearnswood, Inc. in 1959 to reflect the change in business emphasis and moved to its current location at 3rd Ave. N.W. The retail and modular home building divisions were sold in 1972 and Stearnswood began concentrating on the business of designing and manufacturing wooden shipping containers and related packaging materials.

In 1982, Bob’s son, Roger, became the fourth generation president of the family business and added Minnesota’s first heavy-duty triplewall corrugated fiberboard converting operation to Stearnswood’s production abilities.

coreyThat ability is to custom build containers under strict quality control standards to particular specifications, often requiring exotic cushioning foams, fiberboard, or specialized hardware all designed to transport your product safely.

Today, the same commitment to quality and service continues to be the cornerstone of the business. Under the direction of Corey, Bob’s youngest son and now the fifth president, Stearnswood has become one of Minnesota’s largest producers of heavy-duty, high-performance transport packaging. .

The Stearns Family has been a vital part of the growth of Hutchinson for over 120 years and promises to continue that tradition in the future as well.