Miscellaneous Cast Parts Packaging

“We try to find the packaging solution that best meets our customers’ needs.  It’s a no brainer – give them the best product at the best possible price and help them figure out what they really need.”
Dwight Clark
Stearnswood, Inc.

Project: Packaging for Miscellaneous Cast Parts

Challenge: Produce packaging solutions for several companies who manufacture cast parts.  The parts were extremely heavy and would need to be able to be stacked during warehousing.  Additionally, since the Foundries are in an extremely competitive marketplace, the solution had to be as cost effective as possible.

Solution: Stearnswood staff boxesvisited the Foundries’ production operations and warehouses to get a good grasp of how best to assist them.  They were also able to make some helpful suggestions to improve material flow that were based on their years of experience.  Furthermore, high weight bearing packages were designed that met all stacking and impact testing requirements.

Different Foundries used different solutions.  Some wanted the packaging pre-assembled and ready for the finished product.  Others decided to have more of an “assembly line” operation, so they needed separate pallets of boxes, bases, sides, or tops.   Still others needed custom printing on their packages.  Stearnswood was able to meet each Foundries’ needs, all while adhering to customer deadlines.