Credit Card/ID Card Manufacturing Units Packaging

“It’s important that this equipment safely arrives to the end customer.  Our solution provides protection from the environment and shipping damages, all ensuring that Data Card’s customers are satisfied.”
Dwight Clark,
Stearnswood, Inc.

Project: Credit Card/ID Card Manufacturing Units Packaging

Challenge: Our customer needed one packaging solution that would safely get their customer’s product out to end users without damage.

Stearnswood worked with a prototype shell of the client’s machines to create an economical and sturdy shipping solution.  First, they used the shells to create two foam end caps that molded to each of the machines.  The foam end caps were then put into a double wall inner box along with an accessory box containing cables, manuals, and accessories.

The inner box fit into a triple wall outer box that was printed with the client’s logo and other pertinent information.  The complete units were assembled at Stearnswood, then shipped to our customer for unit placement and shipping.