Aeration Pumps Packaging

“Because we needed to keep shipping costs low for our customer, using an all-wood solution would have been too heavy.  Instead, we made a corrugated crate, and then just added the wood base and supports which cut down on the overall package weight while maintaining strength.”
Corey Stearns,
Stearnswood, Inc.

Project: Packaging for Aeration Pumps

Challenge: Design and manufacture a packaging solution for an unbalanced load that is much heavier on one end than the other, with the requirement that it had to be lightweight to save on international shipping costs.

Solution: Stearnswood created a wood/corrugated combination solution that was both durable and lightweight.

To address the unbalanced load, and potential shifting during shipping, two wood end panels were installed to ensure product safety.  Heat treated wood was used to meet international shipping requirements.  A special base was designed that allowed for the attachment of wood braces that also held the product in place.  Additional wood panels on the crate sides were installed for added protection.