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Combination Packaging Solutions

Sensitive printing unit [1]

combo1_thumb [1]The client was searching for a way to transport a sensitive printing unit from factory to end user with a “Plug-and-Play” desire.

Combination shipping container [2]

combo2_thumb [2]This transport container incorporated a foam cushioned base with a detachable ramp that in shipment acts as one end of the container.

Water aerator packaging [3]

combo3_thumb [3]The client needed a way to transport their product, a lake/pond aerator, with all the mounting hardware.

Stearnswood provides you with unique packaging solutions. We will incorporate the packaging materials that make the most sense in helping you achieve the best packaging solution for your needs. No need for you to worry about what it is you need. We will determine design and materials needed to manufacture a packaging solution for you that will meet your custom requirements. No quantity is too big or small. Our objective is to see that your product is packaged to arrive safely.

Customized Combination Packaging applications:

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Specifications: Wood and Corrugated