Solution for Metal Server Frame Stand Packaging

“The really fun part of this project was building the mini-box for our client to use at tradeshows. Not only did we help the customer meet their shipping needs, but we were also able to help them with a sample they could use to increase sales.”
Corey Stearns,
Stearnswood, Inc.

Project: Packaging Solution for Metal Server Frame Stands

Challenge: Our customer needed a packaging solution that would ensure their stands, complete with processing units were able to be shipped safely.  The sensitive equipment in the units needed to stay perfectly aligned throughout shipping.   Additionally, since the units were large, they needed a solution that was easy to load and unload.

Solution: Stearnswood designed a sturdy, wood crate by working off the specs from the client’s stands.  The crate was also designed to hold the blocking and hardware needed to ship along with the complete stands.

Additionally, since our client had many different lines of equipment, Stearnswood designed a custom line based off the different product specs.  Now the client can guarantee safe arrival to their customers.